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Thanks for visiting my humble baking blog! I’m Ramona, and I’m an addict! A baking addict that is 😉 I’m 25, and I live in the Netherlands. I love to bake anything and everything! I have a BA degree in Swedish and am working on a MA in Medieval Studies. I am somewhat of a book geek, and I love to handle medieval ones, I think it brings us that much closer to our forefathers and mothers.

I hope you’ll enjoy the recipes I’ll post on this blog, such as traditional Dutch bakes and Scandinavian inspired delicacies. Feel free to leave a comment!

– Ramona

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  1. Janet says:

    Morning Thanks for sharing! How much Rhubarb did you use ( 1 to 2 Kilograms)? May want to try it with some adjustments.

      • Janet says:

        Thanks Ramona. Just finished picking my Rhubarb and will work on it! Happy Baking! Janet

        I can not find the original site where you got the idea for this recipe- I would like to see the difference? Does it have a web site or is it a blog? Thanks Janet

        • Ramona | A Dutchie Baking says:

          Brilliant, hope it works out well for you ☺

          It’s a magazine which doesn’t post its recipes online unfortunately 🙁 The difference is they used rosemary, didn’t use vanilla sugar and didn’t specify the size of the baking pan (pet peeve of mine, my guess turned out alright though, phew!).

  2. Orsidee says:

    Hallo Ramona,
    Dan spreek je ook Nederlands?
    I am from België … live in Croatia … don’t like baking so much anymore …(I,m over 70) but my daughter likes it very much. I baked “speculaas” and “pepernoten. I like your Blog and like to read (hihihi) your recipes. But my daughter will try them for sure. Good Luck! Veel geluk! I don’t have a Website, but my daughter has. Nu even verder in het Nederlands – gaat wat vlotter. Mijn dochter heeft haar eigen firma opgericht in mei 2017 – “BREAKOUT d.o.o.”, Zij gidst in het Nederlands, Duits, Engels en Kroatisch in Dalmatië, ze is wel afgestudeerd als ING. in de zeebiologie en ecologie. Haar man zijn beroep is metaalbewerker, Metal Art en afsluitingen in metaal, kan je zien op hun site. Groetjes!

    • Ramona | A Dutchie Baking says:

      Hoi! Jazeker spreek ik Nederlands 😊 wat fijn dat jij en je dochter zoveel plezier hebben van mijn blog, dat is altijd superleuk om te horen! Ik ben ook dol op speculaas en pepernoten! December is altijd mijn favoriete maand geweest met alle heerlijke geuren en kleuren overal. Bedankt voor je comment!

  3. Orsidee says:

    Hallo Ramona,

    I write in English now, because the translation is terrible!!

    Who’s translating it? Is it by Google Translate or???

    Hihihi … “Face” translate as “het gezicht” very funny!

    Have a nice baking Day. My Daughter bakes yesterday the Flower you’ve posted on Face! What a pitty I can’t sent it to you.

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